​Is it time to take a fresh look at your Workforce Development Training?

 Are the people you serve getting the return they’d hoped for after their investment of time and hope in your program?

Prism Inc. has had the pleasure of working with the H.O.P.E. Project for the past few years. Raymond Bell and his staff have done an outstanding job giving young professionals a great learning platform and the opportunity to succeed in the IT industry. Ryan Eden, Prism Inc.

 Are you getting the most out of every resource in your Workforce Development operation, including the staff? For more about direct services we can offer to your team, click here.

I have attended several job training programs and colleges. This program is a lifelong learning facility; I have gained IT knowledge and also life skills from the staff and previous graduates … I have built great rapport with project managers who thank me on every phone call on the success of my team and our hard work…. Because of Mr. Bell and the H.O.P.E. Project I can dream again. Denard H., H.O.P.E. Project Graduate

 Our Get A Job in 30 Days Boot Camp includes proven techniques, strategies and action plans that will breathe new life into your important work helping people make a living for themselves and their families.

 During our Get A Job in 30 Days Boot Camp attendees will take a deep dive into 6 aspects of a job search that keep too many people unemployed or underemployed, and ways to move beyond them.

 They are:
*Keys to a Successful Job Search, Implementing the Action Plan, Strategies for Success.
*Where to Find Lots of Job Opportunities.
*How to Communicate Before, During and After the Interview to Guarantee the Interviewer Will Be Impressed.
*Designing the Right Résumé, the Résumé Profile, How to Speak to the Skills on Your Résumé During the Interview.
*Creating Positive Memorable Customer Experiences.
*What Happens During the Actual Interview, The Little Things That Ruin Your Chances for a Job. training

 The Get A Job in 30 Days Boot Camp works well in concert with your current employment trainings, or as a new, stand-alone opportunity for your clients.

Keys to a Successful Job Search, Implementing the Action Plan, and Strategies for success
I will show you exactly how to get crystal clear on what you must do to prepare for your next job. Because once you’re clear, everything else you do to land your next job will become easier and much more effective. You’ll get more interviews and be much more confident when selling yourself to recruiters and hiring managers. (I’m going to walk you through exactly how I did this for the H.O.P.E. Project students)

Where to Find Job Opportunities, in Droves
Next step, I’ll personally walk you through how to locate the employment opportunities that are all over the Washington Metro area that most unemployed people would never find.  You will leave the Boot Camp with a toolbox of skills and resources to get you started immediately on a successful job hunt. (I’ll coach you the exact same way I have coached the nearly 100 H.O.P.E. Project participants)

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